Welcome to Péché Mignon’s blog. Péché Mignon is a unique store located in San Francisco specializing in fine French home accessories coming from all regions of France. It’s owned by Paris-native Diane Valranges who achieved the dream of her life when she moved to the City by the Bay in 2005.


Péché Mignon specializes in French linens, tableware and kitchen accessories. The store also offers a wide selection of gifts, complemented by a baby section and some fine gourmet food. Diane makes regular trips to France to search new treasures for her business.


More than just a store Péché Mignon aims to celebrate and promote the French Lifestyle.

This blog intends to do the same: it’s dedicated to all French-wanna be who share a passion for France… and we hope you’re one of them! Regular postings will inform you on cultural events, trends, things to do in Paris and in the rest of the country during the current month, and more generally on all topics related to France and French Lifestyle that caught Diane’s attention.


We also will introduce you to our new products and will show you how our customers use some of our treasures in their home.


So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! A bientôt!

PS: I almost forgot: Péché Mignon means “guilty pleasure”!


Please feel free to check our website



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