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The best time of your life: La Fete de la Musique in France on June 21st

June 10, 2008

For the past 26 years, France has celebrated the first day of summer on June 21st with La Fete de la Musique, a popular musical celebration in the streets all over the country.

In the early days, people would fill the streets and play their favourite instrument or simply knock on pots and pans! As we say in French, l’important c’est de participer: What matters is to be part of the event!


As years went by, the Fete became an amazing event all over France, with both amateur and professional concerts. The event would gather millions of people, turning Paris and most French cities into a huge dance floor. From Opera to Tango, all types of music can now be heard and seen in the streets, churches, cafes, and concert halls, all night long or until your feet ask for mercy.


I would never miss the night when I was living in France. We would celebrate with a group of friends, get the program in the paper, and organize our cruise throughout the streets of Paris. We would choose our neighborhood depending on the type of music we wanted to hear and what sparked our interest that year. Paris being a huge village that night, we often ran into other friends.


So wear comfortable dancing shoes, hope the Parisian sky will be mercyful and have fun!

For those of you who speak French, you can find more information, including this year’s program at:


The Bay Area is celebrating La Fete de la Musique on June 21st

June 10, 2008

The amazing characteristic about the Fete is how it spread all over the world to more than 300 cities. Toronto, Sydney, Bogota, Berlin and Bucharest, among others, organize their own Fete de la Musique. Indonesia, Yemen and Laos include several of the countries that  take part in the event. 


San Francisco will join the movement this year with a spectacular day of music, cuisine and joie de vivre. A concert will take place on Saturday, June 21st at Justin Herman Plaza, near the Ferry Building. It will include various artists, such as Tete, Alain Brunet, Nous Non Plus, Scott Fisher, Eric John Kaiser, and Prince Lawsha. Free and open to the public, the concert will take place from 10 am to 8 pm. For the true Francophiles, a market will offer  jewels, embroideries, food and drinks and many other French treasures. Ooh la la! More info on

Last but not least, Oakland is also part of La Fete. The Summer Solstice Music Festival is an official affiliate of La Fete de la Musique this year. More info on