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A gifted young customer

October 14, 2008

Rebecca and her mum Kara have been coming to my store, Peche Mignon, since I opened. It was actually 3 years ago exactly this day, October 14, 2005!

Rebecca’s 12 years old. She’s in 7th grade at Saint Thomas the Apostle in San Francisco. She came with Kara a few weeks ago and bought a prop I was using as a display for my necklaces. I wrapped it in tissue paper and handled it to her in a paper bag.

Rebecca came back last week to show me what she had done with it. She made a dress out of the tissue paper and wrapped it around the prop with a necklace she bought at the store to make it look like a doll. Isn’t that amazing? It’s actually much better than a doll when you realize that Rebecca drew her project first, and then created it. I don’t know many children whith such a creative gift for drawing and creating such a beautiful thing.

Rebecca’s dream is to come and work at my store. I told her that her talent belongs to fashion. This young woman deserves to become a stylist, don’t you think?

Bravo Rebecca!


Stacey treats herself to a beautiful drawing of Le Marais

June 29, 2008

Stacey is a regular customer of my store Peche Mignon. She came this week and bought this frame from my friend Paul Madonna. She was very happy to find out it was still here as she thought it had been sold.

More than just a beautiful frame, this drawing has a neat story. Paul is a cartoonist. He’s famous in the City by the Bay for it’s cartoon All Over Coffee published weekly by The San Francisco Chronicle and on This image was created while he and his wife Joen were traveling to Paris in the summer of 2005. It is a limited edition of 75 prints.

At the time he drew this street located in Le Marais I was working in that same neighborhood, in a store called France ma Douce (My sweet France). It was a test for me to figure out if I enjoyed working in a store as I was a journalist then and being a store owner was quite a different ball game. My goal at the time was to move to San Francisco to open my own store selling French home accessories. This was only a 2 weeks experience. Paul and Joen walked in France ma Douce on my last day; and it was their last day in Paris too! This is how we met and we have been friends since then.

So when he showed me his drawing several years later as I finally had my store in San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to hang it on the walls and sell it for him. ‘La boucle est bouclee’, would we say in French, which I think translates in English to ‘what goes around comes around.’ Thank you Stacey! I am sure this special frame has found the perfect home!

If you are interested in getting this drawing in 14″x21″ signed & numbered, we sell it unframed for $175.00 or framed for $250.00. Please call the store at (415)221-6000. Thank you.