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A beautiful French Tablecloth finds the perfect home

June 10, 2008

My dear friends Larry and Steve live in a quite small and charming appartment in San Francisco, decorated with vibrant colors and an amazing assortment of enhancing accessories.


They had been looking at this tablecloth in my store Peche Mignon for a while, thinking it would be a good addition to their dining area. After contemplating, they just couldn’t resist any longer, and finally treated themselves to the tablecloth.


Called “Tuscany”, this tablecloth is a creation of one of our oldest and most famous French manufacturers, Garnier-Thiébaut, who has been producing the most stunning Jacqard Tablecloths in the East of France since 1830. This pattern is inspired by the ceilings of Italian castles and showcases richly sculpted golden wooden frames.

I was just amazed when I saw it in their home and discovered how complementary the colors were to the red walls and accents in this area. The golden frame of the mirror above the table underlines the rich colors and design of the tablecloth. The flower garland my friends displayed dresses the table with elegance. It is a promise of enchanting dinners to come. A successful French dinner is nothing else: half of it comes from the food, the other half from a beautiful table setting. So, I am wondering…When can I come over for dinner?