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French pride gets hit by a study about travelers’ behavior

June 16, 2008

It looks like French cultural exception is not so much appreciated in the rest of the world.  The results of a study conducted towards 4,000 hotels in Germany, UK, France, Italy, Canada and the US about international travelers behavior was just released by Expedia France. French tourists are seen as the worst travelers in Europe: constant complainers, impolite, cheap, and incapable to speak another language are the main flaws attributed to the French by hotel owners. But there is worse: French travelers are even considered the worst tourists in their own country! That hurts…

At the world level, fortunately, there is worse than us. French are beaten by Chinese and Indians in the Top 3 of worst travelers. We complain too much, Chinese are pointed at for their look and their lack of interest in local food, and Indians seem to have a different idea of hygiene according to hotel owners. All of them are also considered spending too little when they travel.

There are however a few departments in which French travelers are appreciated. We seem to be the 3rd most interested nation in local food and the second one most well dressed, behind the Italians, needless to say. What a surprise!