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Introducing Marie Daage plates

July 6, 2008

I had a crush several years ago on the creations of a Parisian designer, Marie Daage. Her precious hand-made porcelain dishes are delicately refine and unique.

Marie is an heiress of many generations’ porcelain painters. She seeks to incorporate life’s exuberant colors and joyful elaborate motives in her creations. Her patterns and colors are made to be mixed-matched as the subtle colors and motives are complementary of each other.

I decided with no hesitation to buy these plates to introduce the beauty of her designs to my American customers. These fine porcelain salad plates are manufactured in Limoges and then hand-painted. They are finished with a subtle golden edge. The delicate floral pattern is enhanced by the vibrant colors and the chocolate dinner plates underneath. That ensemble will give a unique French Touch to your table.

But be aware: no microwave or dishwasher for these exquisite dishes. It’s just a small sacrifice for all of you who, like me, have a passion for style and beauty.

Salad plates cost $35.00, dinner plates $40.00





Flore yellow/Flowers down  

Flore Yellow / Round Flowers

Flore fushsia

Flore fuchsia